traditional silk sarees

Picture yourself draped in magical nine yards which has unique patterns and finest of fabric with hand-woven intricacy. Do you know what I am talking about? I am talking about the saving grace that exists in all us Indian women’s closets – yes, a Saree. The most amazing thing about Indian saree is that with every 200 kms, you will find a change in not only the design of the saree, but also its drape. Every state, every region has sarees they’ve worn for years and which are special to that area. They all come together under the Traditional  silk sarees of India.

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Sarees are not only special to India but are a fashion statement globally. Though a little cumbersome, but they can be styled and paired with a lot of things. Indian Silk industry is among the oldest industries in India. Tussar silk and Eri silk are produced abundantly in India. Traditional silk sarees are made of pure silk which enhances them even more. Now let’s look at the different kind of silk sarees in India.


  1. Benarasi Silk sarees

An all time favourite, these precious sarees woven with golden thread and intricate designs are must-haves! They are very popular among brides who love to flaunt their royal Mughal look on their most special day. To find an authentic Benarasi saree, there is no better place than Benarasi

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  1. Kanjeevaram sarees

With exceptional quality of silk being used in these sarees, these are more of a premium range. They are one of the most prized possessions of a woman’s wardrobe as they are passed on from one generation to another. Made in Tamil Nadu, they are known for their sheer elegance, one of kind embroidery and motifs that leave one breathless! Pure silk sarees online shopping site

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  1. Bhagalpuri Silk

Bhagalpuri sarees are also known as Tussar sarees. They come from Bhagalpur and are actually a dying style. They gained popularity because of their affordability and friendly designs. Match these up with designer blouses and traditional accessories.

  1. Konrad Silk sarees

Another gift from our southern sister! Specialties from Tamil Nadu were mostly woven for temple deities. They are wide bordered sarees with wedding motifs such as peacock, elephants etc. Mostly they are done in grays, off-whites and browns.

navy blue 18 inches big border kanchi silk bridal saree

5.Ikkat and Patola Silk sarees

 These are the kinds created in Orissa. Ikat and patola are the same thing and are created using tie and dye. The only difference is that in this the yarn is dyed and then woven. It’s a very complex process and hence takes a long time to make even one. It’s made in Gujarat, Orissa andAndhra Pradesh.

These are some very popular traditional silk sarees. Besides these there is Bandhni, Paithani, Chanderi and Maheshwari, Baluchari, Tanchoi and Mysore. India is full of craftsmanship. Such ethnicity and tradition is woven into nine yards that it’s a mark of sophistication to be wearing a saree.